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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer, Here I Come!

I have had a pretty rough week. There have been some surprises, lots of sadness, a bit of stress, and then there's the endless chilly rain...(Hello, God? It's June!). I needed something to cheer me up, so I put the wheels in motion!

First, Bruiser, G-Baby, I headed to Target for some feel-good retail therapy. Now, I knew there wasn't a lot to be spent (the bit of stress!), but we needed some new water bottles for the summer and I was determined to make it fun! I really don't know how that t-shirt made it into my cart and onto the conveyor belt and then into my bag - but it sure makes me feel a bit better!

Second, I ordered tickets for our church community to attend a local baseball game. It was fun to plan summer that just drips the feeling of summer and even more fun to know we are going with people we love to spend time with!

Finally, I booked a flight to Florida for a girls-only week!!!!!!! (Can you tell this one makes me feel the best?) My bestest friend, B, and I are heading to her condo for 4 (yes, count them - 4!) kid-free, husband-free days. It's a special happy birthday gift to B but a reward to both of us for having survived this year! I'm not even upset that we will be in Florida in August! Just pray for a breeze at the beach!

Okay, now that I'm feeling more like myself, it's time to move on to other pursuits - like cleaning my house!

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