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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baseball, Anyone?

On Saturday, we went joined in on a community night with our church and ventured out to enjoy a local minor league baseball game. It was a nice time to connect with friends and get to know others better. We had the pleasure of sitting in a grassy area rather than the stadium seats, which allowed for the little ones to move around. It was a good idea, but we learned some lessons:

1. Get a sitter for G-Baby. There was no way to bring a stroller into the ballpark and she kept rolling down the incline!

2. Get a sitter for Bruiser. He ran ALL night - and usually away from me or Daddy when the other one was busy getting food or keeping G-Baby from rolling down the hill. NOT FUN!!!!

3. Get to the game earlier - I think we walked a mile to get in! Luckily, we had the front pack AND the backpack carrier in the van - totally not planned but very useful!

4. Fight the battle early on and don't let Tater wear flip-flops. She tumbled within 5 minutes of being there and scraped both knees and the tops of her ankles (we don't know how!) and created enough of a stir that even a paramedic came to see if we needed any assistance! Luckily I carry a first aid kit in my "mommy bag."

In spite of all that, we had a good time and are looking forward to a return trip - hopefully with less children!

Tater (band-aids on the knees!) and her friend

Smile Boy before he threw his french fries (and ketchup) at our seatmate!

G- Baby and her birthday buddy - they were born two days apart!

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  1. I love the pictures. looks like so much fun!!!