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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Quote of the Day!

Our sitter got the children all dressed to go play outside this morning and just as they were about to walk out the back door it began to sprinkle! Tater got really upset and went to her room in tears (a fairly common occurrence in her 4-year-old life!). While she was there, she screamed down the stairs that she didn't see anything outside and that it was not raining. Our sitter told her to come down the stairs and look out on the deck to see the drops. Tater looked out the door and said "That's not rain - that's just the clouds peeing!"


  1. Enjoyed reading your blog today..still finding my way around blogland....I always love making new friends..I am posting about Disney so hope you will stop by. Commenting automatically puts you in the drawing for the June giveaway.