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Monday, June 1, 2009

The Ear Bug Strikes again!

So I load all three kids in the car and head to the pediatrician so G-Baby can get her 6 month shots (I think we were behind because she was sick at her 4 month check-up...I think!). As I'm driving, I decide I'm going to ask if anyone can take a look at Bruiser's ear because there was brownish, reddish stuff leaking out of it. I thought maybe it could be an infection but no one has shown me what an ear infection looks like in a kid with tubes, so I didn't know. My fear was that they were going to laugh at me and tell me that it was just some really dirty earwax...but I decided to brave the possible humiliation!

At first they told me that the doctors were jam-packed and that I'd have to come back 5:10. I think I got that crazy mommy look in my eyes as I processed bringing three kids back to the doctor's in the same day because miraculously one of the doctors was able to squeeze me in after G-baby's shots! It must help to be so familiar with the staff- I swear we are there once a week!

So the nurse checked Bruiser Boy in (29 1/2 lbs, temp of 99.4) and told me another nurse would stop in to give G-Baby her shots. Okay, not a problem...until G-baby got her shots and began to cry and then the doctor walked in! Luckily, G-Baby settled in her car seat with her Nuk. Bruiser gave the doctor a real hard time when she tried to look at his ear - poor guy, it must be really sore! She confirmed that it was VERY infected (no silly earwax!) and that his tube was clogged. So instead of the drops we should have gotten we are now on an oral antibiotic.

On the way home I called Daddy to justify the reason Bruiser was still awake at 9pm last night and why he was up by 7am - and he's our good sleeper! I also called our sitter to justify his atrocious behavior this morning! Now, after I spell-check this, I must go upstairs and put Bruiser back in bed for his nap - he doesn't want to lay his little (well, big!) head down!

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