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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What I Learned This Week!

I learned... ear infection in a child with tubes looks like his ear is draining blood...ugh!

...children with ear infections don't sleep!

...that when the nurse at the pediatrician's office sees that crazy Mommy look in your eyes after the receptionist tells you that you are going to have to come back in three hours with all three children again - in the same day - they amazingly find an immediately available doctor to check your son's bleeding ear!

...there are times you can reason with a 4-year-old but only if they are willing to listen!

...bribery is a natural part of motherhood! While we were at our local Target shopping for any toy Tater wanted so she would go on stage and dance all four of her numbers at her recital, we ran into a good friend and her son shopping for any toy he wanted so he would take his medicine for the week! And we are both educated teachers!

...children love interactive, creative learning experiences (well I already knew this!). Now that we are at the end of the school year, I have taught my required curriculum and have few weeks left for some fun learning! We started a unit on graphing this week and the children have never listened or responded better! Makes you think about how we are teaching them! is fun to win giveaways from fellow bloggers! Thanks Occupation Mommy and Mommy Needs Therapy!

...I have amazing friends who know just when I need some help! Thanks, Dana, for taking G-Baby last week! Thanks, Kim, for the yummy meal! My back is on the mend...barely! I wish I knew how I hurt it!

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  1. Sounds like an extremely stressful week- but like you are blessed with some good friends. Three out of four of mine had tubes , it's not a fun journey but they really do outgrow ear infections. Hang in there. :)