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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Secret Beach"

We live near the ocean...and we love it! One of the dreams I have on my "bucket list" is to leave in a house on the beach...I'm not quite there! There are plenty of beaches near by that we frequent during the summer, frequently enough to require us getting a seasonal beach pass. But we do have a beach not five minutes from our house that we frequently go to walk on. I'm not sure we would ever swim at that particular beach (it's a bit industrial!) but we love to hunt for shells and see how far we can go depending on the tide.
Now, of course, this beach has a proper name but in our family, we have a special name for it! One day, shortly after G-Baby was born, Daddy decided to take Tater and Bruiser on an adventure to give them some special "big kid" time. We pulled in the parking lot of this park and they headed down a "mysterious path" while I rested in the car with our newest little bundle. To get to this particular beach, you must trek down a long flight of stairs, leading to a somewhat hidden beach. Daddy told Tater and Bruiser that they were heading to a "secret beach." Hence, the name of our beach became "Secret Beach"!
Tater has personally taken on the responsibility of keeping the beach secret! Whenever we have visiting family, they must ask her if they can go along to Secret Beach and most times she has to think about it before she answers! I think Papa's the only one with an open invite!

Tater took Uncle Nailbag fishing.

I think we came home with wet feet this day!

Uncle Nailbag is fishing and Daddy is watching him instead of his daughter climbing on the rocks!

Little Prints!

Even Shadow comes along!
(I think the goof is shaking his head in this picture!)

Love the scenery.


Uncle Nailbag and Bruiser fishing.
Bruiser loved the tackle box and sat with Uncle Nailbag for the longest time looking at all the lures - Uncle Nailbag was quite happy!

The water was really clear this day.

Can you say "wet feet"?

Uncle Nailbag fishing.
Catch for the Day = 0

This was on Mother's Day after all the festivities from the baptism. It was very windy but Bruiser loved look for hidden shells. Grandma K re-incarnated!

Tater, Bruiser, Mommy, and G-Baby
G-Baby was still in the sling in this picture but she is now to big for it! We have to decide if we take the jogger stroller or the backpack for our next visit!

Love those little legs!

Papa and his girl!
So next time you are in the area, stop by and see if you are worthy enough for Tater to share her special spot with you but's a secret place!

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