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Friday, June 12, 2009

This Man Deserves An Award...Or Does He?

Daddy has been working a lot of hours this week. His project at work is at a very critical point and besides working extras hours, he is also is "on-call" every other night until things settle down. And you know what it means when Daddy works extra hours...Mommy works extra hours at home! Now, we are fortunate that Tater is at Papa and Mimi's - that means one less child! So the past two night Daddy has worked past Bruiser's bedtime, has missed dinner, and only got the occasional G-Baby cuddle. Award-deserve so far, right? Just wait!

Last night, I headed to bed around 10:30, exhausted from playing Mommy all by myself. G-Baby settled right down and all was good until about 4am. G-Baby started to fuss and nothing seemed to settle her (by morning, I discovered she had a little bellyache, but that wasn't apparent at 4am!). An hour into trying to settle her (5am), I developed a full-blown migraine. I had no choice but to wake Daddy and ask him to take over so that I could sleep away the headache and still make it to work in the morning. And the response I got? In his own words..."I didn't come to bed until 2am and I have a 9am meeting. I have to sleep."

Yes, that's right! He did say just that! Now, you might think he was up until 2am because of work...not so much! He chose to stay up that late! And a 9am meeting? What about the 22 5- and 6-year-olds that would be waiting for me at 8am? There might have been a bit of yelling that followed and then I continued to soothe G-Baby...God forbid, we interrupt Daddy's sleep! Award-winning Daddy, don't you think!

But there's more! By the time I got up, I was still a bit say the least! I got ready, headed out to work, grabbing my keys off the hook by the door, where I always hang them and Daddy never does. I was at work for about 30 minutes when I looked up and saw Daddy in the doorway of my classroom. Daddy NEVER comes to my school. And don't get excited...he wasn't there to apologize. Come to find out, he had decided to hang his keys on the hook as well - on top of mine. I grabbed his keys, which had the only key to his car. So before he could leave for work, he had to borrow the sitter's car and come swap keys. He actually asked if I had done it to get back him! and, even though I didn't, it sure would have been a great idea!

Oh, and that 9am meeting? He missed it!

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