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Monday, June 1, 2009

And The Show Must Go On...

We survived the recital! Actually it went better than I expected...especially after the rehearsal! We spent the day running errands, had a late lunch, solved the problem of the itchies, took a nap, threw in a bit if bribery and all went well!

With the help of Mimi, we decided that Tater could go to the store and pick out any toy she wanted (with a bit of guidance from Mommy - could you imagine what she would pick without it?). Of course, there was a catch! Tater had dance all three dances and the finale to get the toy. Daddy kept it in the audience and when she was all done, she got the toy. Can you guess what she (and Mommy) picked? A ballerina doll - couldn't be more perfect!

So then we treated her to lunch at Friendly's - including ice cream and home for a nap. By 5:00 she was up, hair was done, and she was wearing two leotards - to eliminate the itchies! We made it to the recital on time, she danced well for the first two numbers and fussed a bit for the final two - but she got the doll! She did so well, we stopped for ice cream on the way home (yes, ice cream twice in one day - you'd think she was at Papa and Mimi's!).

The only down point of the night was after the finale when the dance instructor gave out awards to select students. Yes, that's right..."select students." Now what 4-year-old is going to understand why she didn't get an award? Tater didn't say anything until we almost home and then she said in the saddest voice, "But Momma, I didn't win." I quickly reassured her that she did win - she got her doll. And besides, those other girls only got a piece of paper! Luckily, she bought it! But, in all seriousness, what would it hurt to give everyone a certificate of participation? Again, what 4-year-old understands being left out?

That aside, all went well and Tater can't wait for the summer session of dance to begin at the end of the month!

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