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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

They Make Insurance For A Reason!

You know how you pay those monthly premiums on your car/house/etc. insurance? And you know how every month you groan and moan about spending the money? Well, I learned just how wonderful insurance can be!

We have been in a bit of a car world nightmare these past few weeks. Daddy has a car that was made in 2001 - and it needed a bit of work (think the $2000-3000 range - yeah, I know!). So we debated about fixing it or getting a new one. Paying the one-time repair costs won out over the monthly car payments, as nice as a new car seemed to Daddy!

So, with such large bills looming, we didn't need any other expenses at the moment. And everything seemed to be okay...until yesterday. It was an overcast day, I was rushing to get out of work, run a quick errand, and make it home for my afternoon book club. Well, with all that on my mind I didn't notice how close the car next to me in the school parking lot had parked. I started to back up and ... BANG! Yup, I hit that car. So I got out and checked the damage. My car was fine - paint transfer on the bumper. The other car? Two scraped and dented doors from my nice big mini-van bumper. *sigh*

So I headed back into the school, had the secretary make an announcement to see who's car it was, and braced myself to suffer the consequences. I got lucky - the car belonged to a fellow teacher, who is a friend, and who's husband owns a body shop. She didn't even bother to look at it and decided to let her husband check it that night.

So the "damage"? Amazingly, my little mistake was going to cast $1000 to fix! She asked if I wanted to pay it or submit it to my insurance...ha, ha, ha! Like I have $1000 sitting around! So, I called my insurance company today and they were SO nice (If you are looking for an insurance carrier, call Liberty Mutual - we love them!)! The repairs will be covered and most likely my premium won't be affected since it was my first little mistake! Thank you, God, for those monthly payments!

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  1. Glad to hear you are okay. If you are going to have a fender least it was with someone nice and understanding (and whose hubby is a mechanic).