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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What I Learned This Week

I'm joining Jo-Lynne at Musing of a Housewife again this week...and have I ever been learning!

I learned Bruiser's tantrums and biting are a bit more than that of a normal two-year-old. We've learned he has a sensory processing disorder. I've been trying to think of an easy way to describe that but I'm not there yet. He will be starting therapy this week to learn how to direct his energy and anger. And Daddy and I will be learning calming techniques for when he melts down. Hopefully, when he turns three and ages out of Early Intervention, the school department will continue his services. We met with them last week and it went well...we'll get an answer in December (because the brilliant school department is the same brilliant one I work for and they thrive on last minute decisions!).

I did learn that his learning issues are not my fault! I didn't do anything or not do anything to cause him to be this way...and from what I've been told, that's a big step on my part!

I learned we have wonderful friends who helped to make Miss Wiggles' first birthday celebration a success! We had a great day, in spite of the rain.

I learned that even with those great friends, we still missed a few know who you are and know you were missed!

I learned that a weekend visit with the grandparents is just what the children needed! And it is possible to have Papa and Mimi leave on Monday morning without the downpour of tears!

I learned that if there is chocolate cake on the counter, Bruiser will find a way to get it in his mouth!

I learned that Tater can be dancing around the kitchen and her hand can happen to just fall into the icing!

I learned there must be a black cloud over our house alerting squirrels to commit suicide in our fountain - we had our third one this weekend and we don't even live in the country!

I learned Bruiser cannot go to dance class and wait! IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!!

I learned the dreaded flu has hit our school and I just want to curl up in my house and keep my little ones healthy!


  1. I have a three year old with sometimes horrible tantrums...the doctor says they're normal, though. I blame myself a lot too. I hope that therapy helps.
    Good luck on avoiding the flu!

  2. there is nothing better, as a mom, than being validated and finding out we are not alone or just that we are OK. I am sure you will get some great tools moving forward with your son!