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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Disappointment of A Soccer Mom...

Let me begin by saying...I'm not gloating! Really, I'm trying not to!

This was the fourth or fifth week of soccer for Tater. The whole family ventured out for the first Saturday and watched Tater have a blast with her coach. Then Daddy took the girls for the second week, which included team pictures...not Tater's proudest moment I've been told! Then we went to Papa and Mimi's and missed soccer. Last week we rained and it was cancelled (Darn!). This week, with it being a holiday weekend, Bruiser didn't have his Saturday morning speech class, so we all trekked over to the field to support Tater.

We pulled into the parking lot right behind her friend, P. We joined then on their walk over to the field, listening to Tater and P have a grown-up chat about what happens during soccer practice. It was quite cute!

Then Tater joined her team to warm up. We quickly discovered, she does great at stretching but has no endurance for the running! She made quite frequent water breaks, found ways to shorten her runs but a bit of cheating, and finally just decided to play on bleachers with Bruiser. So either she will be a sprinter like Daddy or skip the world of sports all together like Mommy!

We've pretty much decided that she is not that into soccer and it won't be worth it torture us all by doing this again next fall. She loves dance class and we'd much rather have her love what she's doing! And the up-side to it all? I DON'T HAVE TO BE A SOCCER MOM!!!!!!! Well, at least until Bruiser's old enough to try...but, then again, Daddy wants him to play football...

Now, the only question we push her finish her last few weeks, or do we cut our losses and send her Tumble Tots, which she loves and is at the same time? Oh, the decisions parents have to make!

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