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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Miss Wiggles!

This time last year, you joined our little family and brightened our world! You have amazed each day - from how quickly you arrived to how well you slept through the night to how independent you've become. You always have a giggle and a wiggle to brighten our days! You've been the best baby and have become the most amazing little daredevil - even as tiny as you are! We never know what new little trick you will quietly reveal to us next! You're walking, talking ("Mama", "Dada", "night-night", "ya", "more"), watching what your brother and sister are doing, learning to drink from a sippy, loving table food (even pizza!), and loving to be Mommy's bed-buddy at night. You were our surprise that we could never live without and we love more today than yesterday, Peanut!


  1. that is one serious cutie! what a smile!!

  2. Happy Happy Happy Happy Day.
    We love you. MeMaw and PopPop

  3. whata smile, whata face, whata girl! Happy Day Miss W !