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Monday, October 5, 2009

Flu Shots...Or Lack There Of!

With all the media hype about H1N1 and the epidemics we are doomed to endure, one would think flu shots would be on the top of every one's lists, right? HA!

Tater is immuno-supposed due to the medicine she takes to maintain her kidney disease. So, the flu shot is not an question in our home - we all get get it...all of us! Since its now October, I started my daily calls to the pediatrician's office to check on the availability of flu shots - who ever thought you would have to call each day? Well, supposedly they have shots for Bruiser and Miss Wiggles (who will have to have 2 shots!) but not for Tater - the one who NEEDS it! So the younger two are going in about 30 minutes to be jabbed and cry.

Then the nurse I spoke with very kindly told me that Tater can go to one of the local flu clinics because THEY have plenty of the vaccine - go figure! There is one from 1:00 to 3:00 today. Great! Then I check the website - it's the flu mist, meaning "live vaccine" and a no-no for Tater. Back to square one! And I was going to get mine at the clinic too - but can I get a live vaccine?

So, all that said, watch out pediatrician's office! Frantic Mommy on the way and I want answers and vaccines! I'll be back to let you know the outcome!

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