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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Meetings Through the Eyes of a Four-Year-Old

It seems that there have been a lot of "meetings" in house lately - bible studies, committee meetings, work meetings, book groups, etc. So my kids know that Mommy and Daddy have meetings and that someone else has to watch them. Actually, they enjoy these breaks from us!

Every other Wednesday, I have a staff meeting at school at 2:45. Now, because I teach morning kindergarten, I am home from school by 11:30 and my sitter leaves. So what do I do on the days that I have staff meetings and I have to go back to school? My wonderful neighbor, B, who has Wednesdays off, comes and he sits with my kids and his while I head off - and yes, I said he- what a great Dad!

Anyway, last year it worked great. This year it got a bit tricky. Tater has preschool on Wednesdays until 2:30 - a block away from my school. So this year I pick her up and take her with me. Unfortunately she can't sit in the meeting with me because the language isn't always G-rated (teachers, who knew!). So she plays in the kindergarten room with two other little girls whose Mommy is a teacher too. It works great!

Anyway, all that to tell this story!

We were driving home from my meeting today and Tater asked to have her own meeting. She's going to invite "little big people" and have cookies and have a rest time and play a lot! I tried to explain that meetings aren't fun and that you listen to people talk and you don't get to play. I guess all that was over her head because she insists that she is still having her meeting her way with LOTS of people! Oh, and I'm in charge of the invitations - so let me know if you meet the qualification of a "little big people"!!!!

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