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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Amazing Link

Check out this link!

While relaxing on Monday (since I had the day off!), Daddy and I watched this story on GMA. It was a touching story and one that you think is from somewhere in America. Actually, I think I remember them mentioning Philly and thinking "Oh, that's close to home."

Then I saw a post on Facebook today from The Reading Eagle, the paper that my dad is the editor for. The little girl and her family live in a town near my parents. And I thought "Oh, small world!"

Then, tonight I checked my dad's blog and read this story. Not only is it a small world...but a really small one. One of the reporters from my dad's paper actually broke the story!

Just a neat personal connection to something in the news right now! And a really neat story to beat!

1 comment:

  1. very touching photo, didn't watch the story but plan on it...thank you to all the troops dedicated to serving this country!