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Friday, October 30, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Sprouts!

Tater: Momma, I miss Papa and Mimi.
Momma: I'm sorry, Tater, but we'll see them soon.
Tater: Everything would be so much better if they were sitting right next to me!


Tater: I'm wearing sweat pants just like you do all the time, Momma! I can be cozy, just like you!
(I guess I need to change up my wardrobe a bit!)


Tater (calling Bruiser): Oh, sire! I need your help in the castle!


Daddy to Miss Wiggles (at dinner last night): Miss Wiggles, don't lick the table!


Momma to Miss Wiggles (this morning after a very LONG night!): Hello, my little bed-buddy! You know, you have your own bed you can sleep in?
Miss Wiggles: *wiggle, wiggle* and *giggle, giggle*


Thank goodness it's Friday!

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