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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What I Learned This Week

As adults, we think we know so much! Then we become parents and learn that we know NOTHING!!!! Here's a taste of my newly learned lessons from this week!

1. We are soccer drop-outs! Tater has hung up the towel, turned in the cleats, and retired her jersey. We skipped this past week because it was really chilly and Tater had a bad cough. Daddy asked her if she wanted to go to soccer this next week and she responded, "No, thanks...I think soccer is all done."

2. Just when you think you are moving on with your life after important friends move away, your children know how to break your heart once again! Tater said today "When is Pastor Liz coming back? I miss her!" and Miss Wiggles has been calling for "Na-na, Na-na!" again. They just know how to bring back the tears!

3. Bruiser remains a mystery. We thought we were progressing with his speech therapy but now the therapists are seeing evidence of some sensory issues. You fix one thing to discover that something else might be broken? Craziness! But say a prayer for us - we head for his first IEP meting with the school department on Thursday and I'm nervous about how it will go!

4. There is nothing better than homemade, fresh-popped popcorn!

5. Babies DO grow up - no matter how hard you try to stop them! This time last year, I was anxiously waiting to meet Miss Wiggles and now she is almost one! She has been the best surprise for our family and we treasure every moment, every giggle, every wiggle with her...

...even those that seem to be occurring in the middle of the night! Miss Wiggles has discovered the joy of having time alone with Mommy and Daddy after the others are in bed. She has learned to cry until we get her up so she doesn't wake the other ones and then she giggles and cuddles away. Who could be upset with that? But when you don't go to bed until midnight, this is how you look at your morning nap time - snores and all!

6. You can struggle with health issues for months on end and finally find the answers you need and a few blessings hidden inside! Tater has had terrible eczema since birth, which has grown into an extreme case within the past few months. After waiting since August for an appointment (and that's by going through my doctor's office - by myself, it would have been December!), we saw the most wonderful dermatologist who prescribed the miracle medicine! Twice a day we lather Tater with a cortisone oil lotion with a peanut oil base. It smells yummy and has worked wonders! But it does tends to be a bit greasy and we now have these permanent reminders right outside our bedroom door! Too sweet!

7. That same sweetness has learned the power behind her cuteness. While on the phone with Papa one night this week, I asked Tater if she wanted to talk to talk with him. She started looking all sad and said "No, thank you. I'm too sad until my Papa gets here to my house." She sure made Papa's "heart sad"!
On that note, I'm off to clean for weekend guests (yes, Papa and Mimi are going to Tater's house!), continue with the never ending laundry, and continue with the party planning (Miss Wiggles is turning one whether I like it or not!).

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  1. i WISH we could be soccer dropouts. almost done. almost done....