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Thursday, October 22, 2009


I'm not much in the mood to blog right now - too much going on!

  • Bruiser had his developmental re-evaluation for Early Intervention today, followed by his initial meeting with the school department to determine if they will continue his services when he turns three. And we went from speech and hearing concerns to fine motor delays, sensory issues with a huge lack of attention. Just lovely! The good news is that he tested through the roof cognitively! He's super smart but refuses to use his words to communicate, sit still to learn, or make transitions easily. I guess there is still a long road ahead! Early Intervention will continue his services until January and we find out in December if the school department will service him.

  • Miss Wiggles' first birthday party is Saturday! I need to cook, bake, clean, organize...and I still need to buy pumpkins!!! Ahhhhhh! I'll be a bit calmer by Sunday

  • Papa and Mimi are coming to visit tomorrow! The kids are so excited!

  • We are also trying to make some pet decisions. More about that later...I promise, Dana!

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