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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time to Carve the Jack'O'Lantern!

We continued our autumn traditions by carving our Jack'O'Lantern tonight. While Daddy cut the pumpkin open and scooped out the "glue" (Tater's word for the slimy, gooey stuff!), Tater and Bruiser "designed" our pumpkin's face. Tater wanted a happy face and Bruiser wanted a sad, Bruiser "pumpin".

Tater's Work!

Mommy's drawing from Bruiser's directions

Watching Daddy cut into the pumpkin

As Daddy was finishing up the carving, Miss Wiggles had a bit of a tumble - just in time for all those first birthday party pictures! It swelled and bruised immediately...just lovely!

So sad!

Daddy finished the pumpkin alone! Bruiser ended up on time out ... in the high chair because I couldn't think of another spot where he'd stay put!..., Tater was playing kitchen, and Miss Wiggles was cuddling with me and recovering from her bump.

Bruiser needed an up closer and personal look at the "pumpin"!

Eyes closed!

I think Tater's look was for the pumpkin but it looks like she really loves her brother, doesn't it!


  1. I think it is appropriate that Mommy made the pumpkin carving post in the form of the headless horseman!
    Poor Miss Wiggles!

  2. sweet post! Loved all the pics! you have a beautiful family! Please stop by!I now follow you!:)

  3. tooooo cute!!! we need to do ours soon - but if i put it outside too soon the deer will chew on it!