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Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up...Birthday Bash, Beach, and Break Time!

We had a fun and busy weekend - one that included Papa and Mimi visiting and Miss Wiggles' first birthday party. We had planned a fun outdoor farm party and, of course, it rained on Saturday (the day of the party) and was beautiful on Sunday. That's the luck of our family! But all had fun - outside or in!

Here are a few birthday shots. I was so busy I put Papa in charge of camera work and have to wait on him to send me the pictures!

Miss Wiggles' pumpkin cake
pumpkin cupcakes for the kids!

Miss Wiggles' own cupcake!
She loved the cake but wasn't too sure of all the people watching her. I think we had a few tears during the process!

The day got more interesting as the rain approached in unbelievable downpours, the toilet flooded - through the floor and flooded the basement (yes, during the party!), and one young guest found a suicidal chipmunk floating in our little pond. Like I've said before, we never do anything simple or easy! By Saturday night I was more than ready to settle in with a bottle of wine and have a nice long visit with a good neighbor!
Sunday, we slept in and missed church...not on purpose but it was well-deserved and much-enjoyed! Then we went for a little hike at Tater's favorite spot - "Secret Beach."

Papa and Bruiser

Miss Wiggles, the princess in her chariot

Papa and the kids

Bruiser on the run!

Break Time!

Battling to see who could sit the highest

Mimi and Bruiser
The Family
If only Miss Wiggles was looking, we might have had a Christmas card picture!
We ended the day with shopping (Do you have your "flu box" ready?), chores, Wii playing, and yummy grilled dinner. No one wanted to get this morning but we headed back to work and home for Mimi and Papa. Tater is on her first field trip with preschool (Mommy couldn't go because they changed the date due to weather and I have no one to watch the other two!). And Daddy is at work finally ... after not being able to find his keys and then realizing that he left them on the bumper of my van yesterday and then finding them in the road a few blocks from our house! Again, never a dull moment!

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  1. Thanks for posting some pictures even though you didn't have all of them! I'm sorry it rained on you. I guess you do have quite a track record! I like the idea of a "whole" family picture for the Christmas card!