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Friday, April 3, 2009

Say a Little Prayer!

Our nephew, M, hasn't been feeling well lately and is now having his appendix removed. Keep the little guy in your prayers! And, as he is not one who likes to take it easy, keep his Mama in your prayers as she tries to help him recuperate!
And Aunt C - I hope he has the "bag"!


  1. We will keep him in our prayers. Ava doesn't have hers either. It was removed when she was a few months old;)

  2. Thank you Jesus. Thanks A for your post and to everyone who prayed. The power of prayer brought us a great and well experienced (and nice) surgeon who took excellent care of M. He is doing well this morning. He ate the special toast Pop Pop brought him. A. spent the night with us and we are headed over to hospital-with Clue! A's very good idea. Mama will post to her blog as soon as she can.

  3. thanks for all the prayers! M is doing fantastic!