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Saturday, April 4, 2009


Shadow (or as Bruiser says "Sha -do") joined our family at a very crazy time. We really wanted him (even Daddy who will try to tell you differently!) but two weeks after he arrived we discovered G-Baby would be joining our family and we had to endure the next three months of me being deathly ill. Not the best time to add a puppy to the mix! Can you picture it - two toddlers, a sick and pregnant Mommy, and a Daddy who has allergies? Crazy!

Well, since then things have settled down a bit (occasionally!) and Shadow has been released from his "room" and has joined the family. His bed is in the living room, not the mud room. He has the run of the downstairs both at night and when we are out of the house. I have to say, I think his enjoying his upgraded status - perhaps a little too much!

Shadow has also made a new friend. Our neighbors adopted a rescue dog named Nellie. Shadow and Nellie have play dates several times a week. We love it because Shadow comes home exhausted and sleeps the rest of the day - Nellie is younger than our old man! Here are a few shots of Nellie trying to get into our yard to play with Shadow!


  1. That is So funny!!!! Our dogs have playdates with my parents dogs and they love it too!

  2. Oh my. She won't get her head stuck will she??