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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thomas LIVE

Tonight we took Bruiser to see his most favorite thing in the whole entire world - "Momas" (aka Thomas the Train)! He sat and was mesmerized throughout the entire show and was very happy to leave with his new train hat - pics to follow!
Many thanks to Papa and Mimi for having Tater to visit and to D for watching G-Baby so that this evening could be all about Bruiser - he loved the one-on-one time!
When we first arrived in our nose-bleed seats

The stage as we waited for the show to begin

Bruiser seeing "Momas" for the first time!

Thomas, Gordon, and Percy

Percy, Gordon, and James

Thomas and the circus performers

Bruiser watching the show - he was mesmerized!

Percy at the farm

Getting ready for the circus

Party Time!

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  1. what fun for bruiser! im sure daddy was more entertained watching bruiser ;)