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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Daddy Day Care - The Sprout House Version!

Disclaimer to Daddy: This is not meant to make you feel like you are not appreciated! I just had to share the craziness of our house! We love you, Daddy!

So, as I wrote earlier, our sitter enjoyed a wonderful vacation and some well-deserved time away from our "angels"! While she was gone, we juggled a few people around to watch our darlings since Mommy couldn't get any time off work. The first two days were assigned to Daddy. And to be honest, I was more worried about those days than I was about the other two days when our amazing neighbors watched the kids! One would think - "Oh, Daddy knows the kids, knows the house, knows the routine, knows the expectations...everything should be fine!" - well, not exactly. As much as I love Daddy and as wonderful a Daddy as he is - he doesn't multi-task very well and becomes easily over-whelmed...two traits that don't work for a stay-at-home parent! Here are the pictures of what I came home to the second day, when Tater came to school with me and he only had Bruiser Boy and G-Baby:

To add to the chaos, Daddy decided to add a whole-house water filter to the basement in the midst of all this. I was very grateful - our city water has been full of rust for the past year and the children have been bathing in brown water - DISGUSTING! In the middle of fixing the filter pipe, something broke and he had to shut the water off. Then when I got home, he had to go to his favorite place - Home Depot - and then come back to fix the filter. Not the best plans for a day when he's watching three children and planning to go into work in the afternoon. Needless to say, he worked from home that day!

Missing filter - no water in the house!

Our lovely, efficient filter! It works amazingly!

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