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Sunday, April 5, 2009

"She was gonna leave us all alone!"

I will admit it - I don't believe everything that comes out of Tater's mouth! She does have an incredible memory and does understand much more than your average four-year-old, but she is still just a child! That said, here is the story I decoded this week:

Wednesday was D's birthday and since she had just been away the week before, I couldn't make it work for her to have the day off. But I did make arrangements for her to leave a bit early so she could enjoy some time with her hubby - our amazing neighbor step in again! So, when I got home on Wednesday, D had already left and I had to wait until the next day for the update on how the morning went. Tater decided that I needed to know about the morning sooner and proceeded to fill me in. She told me that D walked out the door and was going to leave them all alone. Tater even went into details of how she couldn't make lunch by herself - she can't use a knife, you know - and who was going to feed G-Baby? I took this to mean that D was leaving and our neighbor was arriving so I kind of blew her comments off. I mean, who believes a four-year-old when they say their sitter was going to leave them?

Well, D arrived the next morning and asked me if Tater told me about her going outside and closing the door. Things began to click as I asked what she meant. Before long I had the true tale! As I understand it, all three kids were crying and D couldn't take it another second. So she walked out the door and closed it to give herself a few moments of sanity (I've been there and done the exact same thing!). Well, I guess Tater took it to mean that D was leaving them all and she was going to have to live up to the role of big sister and take care of everyone - and she was worried! Of course, D returned and the day continued as normal - but what a lesson.

If nothing else, the tale gave us all a good laugh that we are still giggling about almost a week later!

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