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Monday, April 27, 2009

Six Months!

G-Baby turns six months old in just a few days! Today she had her well-baby check up and all went well! She is meeting all her milestones - even though she's a bit lazy and doesn't want to roll over (although she tried her hardest on the exam table!). She only gained one pound in the past two months - up to 13 pounds from 12 pounds a few months ago. Even though she is the biggest munch I can imagine, the doctor expressed concern that she is almost off the growth chart...for being too small! Who knew! Luckily her height is average so he's not to worried - as long as she gains consistently, she's considered to be on her own growth curve. Now we just have to wait until her next appointment to see what she's up to!

The visit ended with three shots :(. G-Baby was not happy! And neither was Bruiser Boy - he kept saying "bye-bye! bye-bye!" to the nurse - what a good big brother! I'm going with him being protective not just annoyed that that thing was crying again - we'll never know!

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