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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rookie Mama in the House!

G-Baby has reached that magical age when those sharp little teeth have begun to push against her tender little gums and cause that intense pain that turns a sweet, happy baby into every parents nightmare! Last night we slept about an hour - and that was with her glued to my side in my bed. Then this afternoon she woke from her nap screaming and couldn't be consoled. I changed her, I fed her, I walked her, I patted her, I rocked her - NOTHING WORKED! She screamed so loud that she woke Tater from her nap. Finally, out of desperation, I called Daddy at work and let him hear her cry. He figured out the solution ... from 20 miles away!

Daddy: "Did you feed her, change her...?"
Daddy: "How about Tylenol?"
Me: "Oh, I didn't think of that - maybe I should try some."

So, in went the Tylenol and off went the crying. I felt like such a rookie! I've been through this two other times (Never mind that Bruiser Boy popped five teeth without a peep and the doctor had to tell me about them!). I should know what to do - I'm going with "it was the heat of the moment!" and I'm putting the Tylenol by my bed tonight!

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  1. I will get some flack for this comment but I used to squeeze all the tylenol out of the dropper and give my oldest a half a dose of tylenol - the distraction always stopped the retrospect cool aid on a dropper probably would have worked too. But we are moms, and we grab what we can and do what we can and she was SO collicky.