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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sweet, Sweet Boy!

It is beautiful outside today - we can't wait to get outside! Daddy went to Home Depot with our friend N to buy the lumber for our deck project that will commence next week (watch for the photo journal of the big weekend!) so we are waiting for him to get home so we can head out yet another zoo we are anxious to check out (also more to follow!)

So, on to the point of this post! While Daddy was gone and both kids were still sleeping, I got ready, put laundry away, started another load, swapped out G-Baby's clothes for spring/summer (and she has some really cute things!), and began to wonder how long Bruiser was going to sleep. I realized he had had a busy day yesterday - a short nap at the neighbors', a trip to the playground (where he wore his hat backwards and really looked like a bruiser - too bad I forgot my camera!), and Family Night at our church (also more to follow!). So at 10:00 - yes that is "a.m."! - I woke him. He popped up with a smile, happy to get up and get dressed so he'll be ready to help Daddy in the yard! I picked out his clothes and told him we would go downstairs and get dressed. He nodded his head and turned back into his bedroom "Bye-bye, taggies! Bye-bye, Momas!" Then he headed down the stairs to get his day started - guess he needed closure from his long night!

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