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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Smile Pretty!

Tater had another "big girl" milestone today - her first trip to the dentist! She and Daddy left the house with lots of excitement (Mommy has a dental phobia so Daddy got the honors!). She loved being a big girl and learning all about going to the dentist. She wasn't so sure of the big chair, so she sat in Daddy's lap and laid her head on the hygienist's lap. She had her teeth cleaned, flossed, counted, and sealed with fluoride. The dentist checked her and gave her an excellent report and released her for another six months! After choosing a new toothbrush (Dora the Mermaid) and exploring her goody bag (a ring, a bracelet, stickers, a floss stick, and toothpaste), she and Daddy came back home full of tales about their adventure. Tater was quite upset about the toothpaste - it had Sponge Bob on it and we don't watch that in our house (I love that our values have set in!). The best part of the whole experience (according to Daddy) was hearing her say "Thank you for taking me to the dentist, Daddy!" about five times! I just don't understand the appeal!

1 comment:

  1. Such a big girl. Good job Tater!
    I like getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist. I like the way they feel nice and clean.

    Love MeMaw