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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What I Learned This Week

I have been reading this weekly posting on several blogs I visit and finally decided to jump on board - here goes!

This week I learned that needing a break from your children doesn't mean you are a bad mommy - it makes you a better mommy!

I learned that as much as you enjoy those rare breaks, you miss your little ones the entire time!

I learned that you can transition your toddler into a big boy bed without sleepless nights - way to go, Bruiser Boy!

I learned that G-Baby knows all about food and doesn't want to be left out - even at six months!

I learned that it is awesome to have other moms to share trials, tribulations, and praises with!


  1. I like that idea...really cute. Looks like you learned a lot this week;)

  2. My daughter was the same way when she was a baby - if we were eating it, she wanted it! By 9 months she'd decided that she was completely done with baby food and would only eat "real" food. Can't say I blame her...