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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What I Learned This Week

1. I learned (or maybe was reminded!) that it is very hard to think when its this nice outside - I just want to play outside and go to the beach! I just can't be as creative as some other Mommy Bloggers - not today anyway!

2. I learned that even though no one can understand your two-year-old, he doesn't neccessarily qulify for services (more to come on this frustrating topic!).

3. I'm learning that I am just a character in God's story...and I will share more as I learn more about that role!

4. I learned that giving a baby shots is just mean and that older siblings don't like to watch or hear the screaming that comes with it!

5. I learned that organization never lasts!

6. I learned that disappointment is still rotten even to a mommy. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week (which I think is actually next week), our PTA arranged for all the teachers to get 15 minute chair massages today. Then about an hour before my scheduled time they announced that they are being postponed until next week - so disappointing!

7. I learned that you can miss your four-year-old so bad it actually makes your heart hurt! Two more "stucks" until Tater returns to the House of Sprout - Mommy and Daddy are counting the hours!

8. I learned that a baby can eat and eat and be a total munch and still not gain enough weight to even be on the growth chart - don't the rolls on G-Baby's legs mean anything?

9. I remembered that even though spring flowers and trees are beautiful, they still make me itch and feel miserable!

10. And the biggest revelation that my husband and I had this weekend was...we have outgrown our house and we can't think about moving anytime soon! Too many kids, too much stuff, and not enough money to fix it!


  1. hey, read that you r outgrowing your house. you should do a blog post on that! I bet a lot of people are in your situation and might be able to help with ideas! Just a thought. good to meet you!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on Teacher Appreciation Day! As I was getting into my pantry today I was also reminded of #5 - sigh... :) Take care!

  3. So enjoyed reading your list and visiting your blog!!

    Beautiful pictures and sweet words that reflect your heart...

    Be blessed,

  4. I can totally relate to items 1 - 5!!

  5. I am with you on #8. Seriously where does the food go?

  6. I remember how it feels to outgrow your house. it can be very frustrating. "Overstuffed" shares a similar sentiment:

    Also, I felt the same way you do in this story:

  7. I missed this post! I try to read all the WILTW posts...I am sorry!'re a winner over on Tales from the Nightstand...stop by and check it out! Make sure you send me your address too!

  8. I was a wreck in Vegas b/c I missed my babies so much! I would be out of my mind if I was without them for 3 weeks! So I know what you are saying about your heart actually hurting! Have a great reunion with her!