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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chatter Bug!

(Retold by D)

Bruiser was playing with the kitchen set this morning. Mixed in with the dishes are several play phones as well as real phones that don't work anymore - I figured it would encourage great creative play...and was I ever right (patting myself on my back right now!). Bruiser picked up one of the phones, put it to his ear and immediately said "Hi, Papa! Hi, Mimi! Hi, Sissy! Hi, Mimi! Hi, Mimi! Hi, Mimi!" It was then followed by tons of unintelligable babble and lots of giggles from D! Can you tell that everyone in this family spends a lot of time on the phone?


  1. Little kids are so funny. :) i love hearing them talk on the phone. Andrew has a thomas phone that he loves....

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