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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Blog Recap

I'm joining JoLynne over at Musing of a Housewife...right on time this year! her New Year's Carnival! Enjoy looking back over our second full year of blogging!

After being away for a week, it should be understandable that there is a lot to do. But then add in Christmas and New Years and the "to do" list multiplies!

And the "to do" list never ended...all year long!

I've been missing from bloggy world for a bit...we've been busy being sick!
Another theme for the YEAR! Someone is ALWAYS sick in our house...
and we LOVE to share it with others!

I recently received the new Rainbow Brite CD to review with Tater.
I reviewed my first item for the blog! And I have many more waiting for 2011!

Well, the dumpster and sun arrived all at once!
Yup, the basement flooded and our lives stopped for about 2 weeks!
I think I'd like to delete that memory from the blog and my brain!

A few months ago, Daddy and I decided it was time to start traveling with the children...other than to the grandparents' houses!
We traveled to an indoor water park, stayed in a hotel, and learned that our children CAN go on vacations! It was tons of fun!

Miss Wiggles had a rough evening!
The "terrible two's" hit our house...bring on the tantrums!

Bruiser won tickets to our local baseball team, so we got Miss Wiggles a sitter and took the other two for a "fun" between the whining and refusing to sit.
Now I know why my parents said we never appreciated anything!

We headed out on our first family vacation ever!
We had the best week EVER in Ocean City, NJ...and loved that the grandparents were able to join us!

During our visit to Papa and Mimi's we looked for things to entertain the kids.
As the kids get older, they are no longer content to just play at the house...and cool thing is that we get explore our home state again...this time as adults and through the eyes of our children!

We are back in full school mode, fall craziness, and...wait for it!...sicknesses!
The theme of 2010!

Since when did Halloween become such an involved holiday?
I think Halloween has become the new was CRAZY!!!!

This afternoon we ventured to a nearby tree farm for a visit with Santa, a tractor-pulled musical sleigh ride, and some tree hunting!
One of my favorite things that started happening in 2010 was all the family traditions we started to develop...especially now that the kids are growing and can "get" those traditions.
What a year!
I wish I could say that I hope things will settle down as we venture into our third year in bloggy world...but, really! Nothing is calm about our lives and I'm sure it won't be for a LONG time!
Happy 2011!

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