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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day!

Yes, it's 8:30 IN THE MORNING!
Yes, it's a SNOW DAY!
And, yes, we are UP!

Actually, we've been up since before with three little ones who are excited about the change in weather! No sleeping in...I actually get to sleep later on a normal work day!

Here are few shots of the snow that I captured before the wind REALLY started just now when it sounded like a train rumbling through the neighborhood. It will be a long day inside but luckily Daddy gets to spend it with us!
Looking out our front door and across the street.

The decorative sled on our front porch.

A Sassy "Cheese" Shot!

Out the back door, looking at our clothesline.

Sorry for the lack of interest here...but this piled on our back deck on top of our recycling.

The other half of our back yard.
Tater wanted to know if it was safe to jump on the trampoline with the snow on it...I told her to talk to Daddy (it was 7am!).

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