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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


It's midway through January and life in the House of Sprout has not slowed down one bit! I keep waiting for the break in the clouds...but it never seems to appear!

Tater has returned and is back to school. Her tantrums are super nasty...I think she may have turned 13 while she was visiting Papa and Mimi! She is really having a hard time being separated from Papa...maybe we should just give into both their wishes and let her move in with him...or not so much! (If she could read this, she would say "You're so rude!!!!"...yeah, that's what she 5!!!)

Bruiser is coughing again and spent most of last night entertaining me in my bed. He's tucked snuggly (with his weighted blanket) into his bed right now...but I'm not holding my breath. Right now tomorrow is a blank calendar day with thoughts of checking out the new neighborhood coffee place with a friend...but we may be heading to the doctor with Bruiser instead.

And total randomness...but my husband just asked me what was going on with my may have something to do with the fact that I haven't had a haircut since JUNE!!! Maybe it's not working for me anymore!

Oh, and Papa and Mimi bought a new house today. I would let them share this news with all of you (aka our family) but it seems my brother already made the announcement on the secret is out! Tater is very concerned that she will not be able to find her Papa at his new house...which maybe some of the root of the tantrums...she may end up in therapy yet!!!

And Sassy is busy being, well, sassy! She was knocked over last night outside a restaurant and has a fat lip...not unusual for my balance-challenged child! And I love this picture of bum to hold up her jeans!

Have a happy Wednesday!

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