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Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Sledding We Will Go!!!

We decided to brave the local sledding hill this afternoon before the chilly weather hits tomorrow. Everyone was excited to go but mixed emotions arose as we ventured out!

Sassy is a princess...and we are okay with that!

Sledding all alone!

Daddy in the tunnel slide!


And Sassy realized she was in the snow...again!

Tater had a blast!

Bruiser refused to sled for most of the time...but loved exploring in the snow!

I even went for a ride!

Sassy's happy spot!

Exploring with Daddy

Tater made a friend...our social butterfly!

Sassy remembered where she was...yet again!


Bruiser gave in and went for a few rides!

It was a fun family afternoon...and we were happy to discover that all three were at an age where we could do this type of thing without a lot of stress! The best part? The yummy coffee Mommy and Daddy stopped for on the way home!

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  1. Adorable pictures. What a fun memory for everyone! ~Kimberly