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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How Long Until the Next Vacation?

This is only the third day back to school since the holiday vacation and I'm already so tired I can barely keep my eyes open! I thought vacation was supposed to be restful and send you back to the real world more relaxed...HA!

And the sad thing is that we are even down a child! Tater is enjoying an extended stay at Papa and Mimi's so we are back to man-on-man coverage in the House of Sprout for the week...and we're still exhausted!

It may have something to do with it only being halfway through the third day back and I've already had 3 meetings (with another this afternoon!) and two therapy sessions, booked Bruiser's birthday party and started planning it, put away Christmas decorations and Christmas gifts, continued with the daily laundry and dishes routine, etc. There are days that I never sit down!

My goal for this evening is to develop a daily routine for the new year...and hopefully balance out all the tasks that need to get down with all the tasks I want to accomplish. It won't be easy...I've already run out of room on my January calendar!

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