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Friday, January 21, 2011

A List of My Life

I'm not feeling very inspired right now. Spending all day home with three children, trapped inside because of snow and sickness can lead to that.

  • Sassy has low iron. She went for her two-year check-up yesterday and failed the quick test with 9.1 (12 is normal). Then we went for more blood work. There was LOTS of crying! We are waiting to hear the results and how to correct her levels.

  • Sassy is now also sick. She has had a fever of 101 since last night. I thought it was related to the shots she got yesterday but now she has a cough and a runny nose. Most likely she caught Bruiser's cold.

  • It was a snow day today.

  • Daddy had an early start and a late night at work today.

  • Bruiser is on steroids for his cough.

  • Tater is feeling left out since she is still healthy.

  • My car is still covered with snow and my driveway is not shoveled.

  • This is what my basement looked like last night:

* Did I mention it snowed?

Welcome to my life!!!!!

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