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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"We Want to Play in the Snow!!!!!!"

Which translates to "Mommy, spend 30 minutes dressing us all, put Sassy's mittens on 5 times, then come outside with us for 5 minutes until we are too cold, drag Bruiser inside because he wants to be just like Daddy and push his lawnmower like a snow blower, and then undress us as quickly as possible so the whining stops, and make us hot chocolate that is not hot!"

Yes, that was about an hour of my snow day!

All bundled up!

Sassy "What are they doing?"

Sassy "Why am I the only one now?"

Okay, Sassy DID NOT like the snow!
Probably because she couldn't walk with falling!
Poor thing!
Snow appropriate!

Still not liking it!

"Why do you keep taking my picture instead of helping me???"

"HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!"


Okay, this is a little better!
Maybe a bit fun?

The snow princess

Does she look pitiful enough?

Making tracks!

Building snowballs!

The damage

Looks happy, doesn't he?

Action shot...right before he attempted to throw a shovelful of snow at me!

How did you spend your "snow day"?

1 comment:

  1. Andrea-
    Sassy is a lot like Sophie! Sophie hates the snow and kept falling down in it. And mom? Well, I kept filming her with the video camera! My husband was not pleased. Wanted to know if I spend my days at home torturing the children! Kind of reminded me of Randy in "A Christmas Story!"