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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Drifting Into 2011 With Some Randomness

We are still enjoying our Christmas holiday away from the norm. The best part being a teacher is getting this week off! And to make it even better, Daddy's company shuts down for the week as well. Because the employment stars are in order, we are able to travel and have quality family time. The only complaint that I have is that Daddy "is on vacation" and I'm still waiting to see when mine starts! Just a technicality we need to work on!

I would have posted pictures from our week...but Daddy took the car (and my camera!) to hang out with some guys and watch some football that had been postponed from Sunday. I got to hang out with my parents, my brother (who was running away from life in general), and all three kids...yeah, that's my vacation! Oh, did I mention, we took all three kids out for lunch, to Target, and to an indoor game place this afternoon...and only the boy napped? Yeah, that's my vacation!

All kidding aside, we did have a fabulous Christmas with minimal meltdowns from Bruiser (actually, no meltdowns until 5pm!) and quality family time. I think we focused more on it this year because we decided that we are not traveling next December...and that our children need to establish memories of the holidays in their own home. It was a tough decision but one that had to be ensure sanity on all fronts!

We've been enjoying downtime but also keeping Bruiser (and the girls) busy to help control his sensory input needs. I can tell he's escalating as the week continues...and it's soon time to head home to the familiar and the routine. He did AWESOME but I know we are starting to push him to his limits! This could make for an interesting 6+ hour drive home on Thursday!

So much to do...children to guide and control, gifts to pack, laundry (yes, Mommy's job never ends!) to do, the week ahead to plan and organize...I will post pictures of the fabulous children's museum we visited when the camera (and Daddy!) return.

I'm off to enjoy my "vacation"!

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