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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekend Catch-Up

Snow was predicted for the East Coast so we postponed getting Tater back from Papa and Mimi's for another day...and the snow is falling as I type! Hopefully it will pass through the night and the roads will be clear in the morning...because I miss my big girl!

So this morning Sassy and I headed to her therapy group while Daddy and Bruiser had a lazy morning. When we got home we Skyped with Pop-Pop and Memaw so Bruiser could open his birthday gift from them...ah, technology!

Then after lunch out, a major meltdown from Bruiser, a nap for Mommy, Sassy, and Bruiser, we survived a second meltdown and managed a trip to the grocery store. Bruiser's cake just came out of the oven and both little ones are tucked into bed with thoughts a birthday day tomorrow!

Here's my almost-four-year-old curled up reading on the couch tonight. I can't believe how fast the time has gone! Four years ago tonight, Daddy and I were anxiously awaiting his arrival and couldn't wait to meet him! He is still the best cuddler and sweetest little love you have ever met...meltdowns aside! I love his imagination and and his expressions...and the fact that he agreed not to get any older when I asked him to stay three!

Here is Sassy grazing in the fridge! We locked the fridge with the other two but the lock wore out and we never replaced it...oh, the freedoms the third child gets!

And here is the success of the week! I have been eyeing "learning towers" or "kitchen helpers" for the past year or so but never had the money to spend on one! Then we found the plans on-line to build one and Daddy went to work. For about $20-30 in wood and an afternoon of cutting and screwing, Daddy was able to make this amazing piece of equipment for Sassy! Now she can stand at the island safely and the battles over her sitting have come to an end. This thing is AMAZING! She can climb in and out herself, the sides protect her from falling, and the platform is easy to raise and lower so it will grow with her! And not only that, Daddy made it look pretty with his stain job! LOVE IT!

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