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Sunday, January 30, 2011

"We Are The Dinosuars!"

Alternatively titled "Bruiser's 4th Birthday Party"!

Dinosaur tracks

Homemade Dino Tortilla Chips

Love that face!

The money shot!
Sensory Boy went in the bouncy house!

Obstacle Course

Sassy's friend!

Tater's friend, M

Bruiser, M, and her brother, B

Love this shot of Baby F!

Approaching meltdown

Baby F having a meltdown!

Bruiser's school friends!

MA, our neighbor

Mosh Pit - Birthday Party Style!

Baby F's brother, J

Cupcake time!

Present Time!
"It's a dinosaur!!!!"

Check out the nose!

Think we had a good time?
Thanks to everyone for a fabulous day for Bruiser!

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