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Monday, February 14, 2011

We Share Germs in February Like Candy on Halloween!

As I write this, Daddy is recovering as the last and final victim of the "sickness of February 2011." I might seriously consider going into seclusion next year for the entire month...we ALL get sick EVERY February. I know it's important to teach your children to share...but seriously!

Here's the rundown...

  • Tuesday morning - Sassy
  • Wednesday night - Bruiser
  • Friday morning - Mommy (and I was sick the longest...I'm not sure the weekend even happened!)
  • Saturday night - Tater
  • Monday morning - Daddy

There was a consistent 36 hour incubation period between attacks...we knew how long before the next victim, the question was just "who." We have now made it through everyone in the house (and a few of the neighbors too!) so hopefully we are in the clear!

It has been a weird bug...tummy yucks in the kids, exhaustion in the grown-ups. I slept the ENTIRE weekend...and I have not done that since before kids!

One my favorite quotes was from Tater yesterday. Bruiser was talking about "throw up" and she chimed in very matter-of-factly, "You can call it puke, too, you know." And that has been the talk of the week.

(And, as a side note, Daddy has never liked Valentine's Day and giving gifts for such a "made-up holiday" so I have a theory...he purposely got sick today so we can't celebrate!)

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