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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Against Our Wishes...

...this one is turning 6!

Really...we told her "no" but she has always had a mind of her own! 

  • We look at her now and struggle to remember her as a newborn, sleeping in her infant seat, lit up by the light for her jaundice, and holding Papa's finger in her fist. 
  • We tear up to look back at the pictures taken of her at her diagnosis with nephrotic puffy and swollen, but full of giggles and smiles! 
  • She has such a love for every moment of her sweet life. 
  • She brims with enthusiasm and creativity.
  • She is a smart little cookie who loves numbers but refuses to read...because Mommy wants her to!
  • She lives her life for Papa, horses and puppies, getting one-on-one time with Mommy and Daddy and being a little mommy to Bruiser and Sassy.
  • She loves being a big sister...even when Bruiser is "ruining her life"! 
  • Her social side has driven her to love school but struggle with Mommy and Daddy's restrictions and rules (yes, even at her young age!). 

She lives life to the fullest, loves unconditionally, and wears her emotions on her sleeve...and we wouldn't change her a bit!

(Although part of me wishes she had stayed this little!)

Happy, Happy
6th Birthday,

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