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Friday, February 25, 2011

Update from Yesterday

So Sassy proceeded to be sick all afternoon.  She was unable to keep down any fluids and then I realized she hadn't had any in her since dinner the night before.  She was crying with no tears, running a temp of 102, and had no wet diapers.  One guess where a call to the doctor sent us! 

That's right!  Sassy and I spent the night in the ER - for the third time in the last six months!!!  She was so sick!  Luckily by the time we got to the ER she was able to keep the Motrin down and then she got more medicine for her tummy.  She also enjoyed several Popsicles and nice cup of "wa-wa." 

Every time someone came in the room she one was her friend!  During blood work, she screamed "No, Momma!" and when that didn't work, she switched to "No, Daddy!" - and he wasn't even there!

After much discussion with three different doctors, 3 exams, blood work, a catheter, and a five hour was determined that she had a horrendous ear infection in both ears...pus and blood included.  But if you ask Sassy if her ears hurt she says "no"! 

As for her iron issues, her iron levels are up, which is good.  On the other hand, red blood cell count is really low.  So they ran a Parvo titer and spoke to the on-call hematologist who is ordering repeat blood tests in two weeks.  They are leaning toward a virus and nothing too serious but there are still no answers.  They did suggest that all the iron issues are making her more likely to catch these crazy viruses, which may have led to us being in the ER last night.  Wonderful.

The little miss is still under-the-weather today.  She is still running the temp and just wants to lay and nap.  We have to make one run to pick up Tater and then we are spending the day snuggling at home.  We ALL need a restful, healing day!

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