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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's A Free Day!

For the first time...maybe ALL year (and I know it's only mid-February!) a long time, I have NOTHING on the calendar! And its not a Snow Day and no child is sick (knock-on-wood). I'm a bit giddy!

The older two are going to school this afternoon. I'm going to put away laundry and accomplish a few chores. I might make it to the grocery store this evening. Sassy and I might venture out to Target before her nap. We will stick to Bruiser's schedule ALL day!

I actually feel a bit less stress today...all because of a blank day on my planner! Oh, and even better? Tomorrow is my book club and I actually can go for the first time since the fall...yeah! I have missed my Mommy-chat time! Now to just work on scheduling some "ladies nights" with all the various people that keep asking...poor Daddy...he'll have to be Mr. Mom for a few nights so I can stay sane!

So, I'm off to have "tuptakes" and "hassee" with Sassy and put away at least 8 loads of laundry (that I folded on Valentines Day...which has yet to be celebrated in the House of Sprout) and then maybe a shower before school preparation and a stroll through the store with the big red bulls eye. Enjoy your Wednesday!

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