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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Life!

So, anyone who follows this blog should know by now that we don't do things the easy way and that life is always throwing us curves! Let me update you on our week, as we stand today!

Saturday night Bruiser spent the entire, and yes I mean ENTIRE, night up screaming with ear pain. Sunday morning he was fine...go figure!

Then Sunday Tater's eyes started looking puffy and we realized her kidneys were relapsing...again. So she is back on steroids. The steroids make her immune system very weak.

Fast forward to this morning. I got up, took my shower, and Daddy left for work. I went in to the girls' room to take Sassy's braces off and discovered she had vomited all over herself in her sleep. Wonderful! It was already too late for me to call off work and get a substitute so I had to call Daddy and have him turn around and come home. I changed the sheets, started laundry, and got dressed for work. Daddy showered was that bad! My plan was to head into work, see if I could get a sub and then come home so Daddy could head into work. Luckily that happened as planned...with one issue. On my way to the car I slipped on the slush and twisted my shoulder...again. This was all before 9am!

After that the day went fairly well. We cleaned. We got dressed. We ate. We napped. We organized. Now we are waiting for Daddy to get home. Sassy is a bit clingy. I have laundry to do. We all need an early bed! But here is hoping that tomorrow is a bit less busy!

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