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Monday, February 28, 2011

We Need Lots and Lots of Prayers (Or Maybe an Exorcist!)

Sassy's bug morphed and moved on to Bruiser.  He spent 18 hours vomiting and complaining of tummy pain.  I finally broke down and gave him anti-nausea medicine and he seemed to get some relief.  So far he is now keeping down juice, Power-aid, ginger ale, and applesauce...hopefully for good!  I gave him a bath this morning and he immediately got out and curled up in bed under three covers and has been there since 11:30 without a peep.  He may have been more pitiful than Sassy!

Sassy is still just laying on the couch and napping her days away...without an ounce of sass.  Now she is refusing to walk on the toes of her right foot.  I can only imagine what that means!

I am busy disinfecting EVERYTHING, doing zillions of loads of laundry, and trying to keep the little ones hydrated.  Oh, and praying like crazy that no one else gets these germs!!!!!!!!!!

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