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Monday, February 14, 2011

A Photo Catch-Up

Not only have the people in our house been sick, but so has my desktop computer that has my editing software on it. I love my Netbook for it's portability but not so much for it's photographic support aspect. Here are a few captured shots from the past week or so to catch you up...please try to ignore their unedited quality!

Snow Day Entertainment

Quiet reading corner time

Locked on to "Dino Dan"

Dreaming of being "Dino Dan"!

Daddy's newest woodworking this book ledge!

Sassy sneaking a P.B. snack!

After Mommy taking the P.B. away!

A warmish winter day at the beach!

Valentine Wishes from Us to You!
(Yes, it was that warm at our house today...craziness!)

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