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Thursday, February 10, 2011

An Update Post

Life gets away from us as we live it...long days, short years! So here is a little update on how things are going with each of our little ones.

Tater is loving kindergarten! She really likes the social part but is starting to learn to read and do some complex math things (for a five-year-old!). She had an appointment with her kidney doctor today and they are increasing her medicine because she relapsed again. The good news is that none of this affecting her growth and she is responding quickly to the steroids that treat the relapse. We're going to focus on the positive and hope that the increase in the medicine is just because she has gotten so tall! We'll see in four months if it is working...that the typical time limit for her relapses.

Bruiser is still having a tough time. His therapists for his SPD have determined that there is an anxiety piece that is affecting how well his sensory modifiers are working. We will be seeing a clinical social worker to help him (and us!) deal with this new development. I'm looking for strategies not medications to help him...and that's a stand that I refuse to sway from. All this is affecting him at school as well. I am currently trying to figure out the best way to address his needs there with creating an's awkward teaching in the same district he is attending with issues like this!

Sassy is still super-sassy! She all about her OT, "Heter" and her babysitter, "my Ha-ee" - they even top Mommy some of the time! She is still dropping (just falling from a standing position) for no clear reason. Her vision is fine and there are no ear issues. Our next step is Neurology to see if there are side effects left over from the concussion or other issues. Tomorrow she goes to see the pediatric podiatrist to see about her toe crossing issue. The orthopedist recommended surgery and I am not in favor of going that route...we are hoping for orthotics for her shoes or something along those lines.

So, if you can gather from all that, I spend most of my time at doctor appointments and at therapies. It's an exciting life! We'll make sure to share all our thrilling news as it develops...hoping you're holding your breath!

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